Mandi's 2010 Championship Picks

In preparation for the 2010 NASCAR season all the writer are making picks for each series. Today we will be continuing the series as Mandi, one of our many Carl Edwards fans, shares her picks for the possible 2010 Champions in each of the three top series.

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Sprint Cup Series - CARL EDWARDS

In the Sprint Cup Series: I am choosing from my heart and picking my favorite driver, Carl Edwards. After a disappointing 2009 Cup season and the necessary changes make, I definitely am expecting this year to be the year that Jimmie Johnson is knocked from his reign. With this season, I expect a lot to look forward to, plus Carl is about to become a father and that in itself is very motivating!

Nationwide Series - CARL EDWARDS

In the Nationwide series: I hate to be repetitive but I am again choosing Carl Edwards, but this is more statistically based. With all the difficulties of last year, changing crew chiefs and not to mention the broken foot he still finished the season in second place and had 5 wins. Knowing that Carl won the championship in 2007 further supports my choice.

Camping World Truck Series - MATT CRAFTON

In the Truck series: I have to admit, my knowledge here is not as deep as in Cup or Nationwide as I just became interested in the Trucks late last season. So my pick is purely by stats, and for that I am choosing Matt Crafton. He had an outstanding 2009 season, finishing second and picking up 2 poles. I am expecting more in 2010.

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