Michelle’s 2010 Championship Picks

Since Homestead our writers have been chomping at the bit waiting for the new NASCAR season. Now that the Daytona 500 is just a few days away we figured let’s have some fun and predict the 2010 season champion. Today it’s Michelle’s turn. Let her know what you think in the comments below.

Sprint Cup Series- TONY STEWART
84764261 In his second year of being an owner/driver, SHR’s Tony Stewart will be the one who will finally beat Jimmie and knock him off of his little throne. Tony was good enough last year to do just that, but he didn’t have what he needed to finish the deal. This year Tony will improve as a driver/owner and will win his third title. I see Jimmie dominating as his usual self--he just won’t be good enough to finish the deal, for once.

Nationwide Series-CARL EDWARDS
Carl Edwards - flickr bristol motor speedway With Kyle Busch dropping out this season in the Nationwide Series, this means that Carl Edwards will come out on top again. I think he will have some stiff competition, but that won’t get in his way. Even with a new crew chief he will be great; I just don’t think he will be as good as when he won the title back in '07. He probably won't dominate with wins like in '08, but he will be better this year than he was in '09.

Camping World Truck Series – RON HORNADAY
109441This season in the Camping World Truck Series, I see the same domination with KHI’s Ron Hornaday winning yet another truck title. This team and Ron in particular is unbelievable and possibly the best combo in the history of the truck series! I’m going to say that this time it’s going to be a close battle between Ron, Todd, Matt and Johnny, even though Ron will come out on top in the end.
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Carl Edwards pic courtesy of Bristol Motor Speedway (CC License) Other photos via NASCARMedia
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