Women In NASCAR................Guess Who?

Hey there NASCAR FANS!!! I am so excited about bringing you this next interview that I think I'm gonna tease you a little. I hope you will enjoy getting to know this woman as I much as I have.

Today I am going to give you just a few little hints from the interview I conducted with the mystery woman. By providing a few hints about her now we want you to have some fun with it and guess who the mystery "Woman in NASCAR" is. Leave your guesses in the comment section. The winner will receive an autographed photo and a SPEED TV hat. Winner will be drawn from pool of guesses. Look to http://www.skirtsandscuffs.com or on twitter for dates that the interview will appear throughout the weekend of the Daytona 500; Beginning with this post on Thursday, the night of the Duels.

This woman has a passion for racing that began when she was just a young girl. Her entire life has been in preparation of what she now refers to as her "dream job." Natural talent and dedication, paired with her firsthand love and knowledge of motorsports have rocketed her to the top of her game. With racing family behind her, she had all the support she would need to make her "dream come true."

Don't get me wrong. This woman was not handed her place in the racing industry. Never once giving in to the word "NO," she worked her way up by putting herself out there, by being the best she could be in all that she does. This woman exudes confidence which I respect and admire. Her ability to make it look effortless is part of her charm.

Referring to herself as a "sponge" during our recent phone conversation, she stated, "I have soaked up all this knowledge and information throughout my life. It would've been a waste to not put it to some good use."

In this blogger's opinion, she is the epitome of "A Woman in Nascar."

Who is she? @WNY24 guessed correctly. Won an autographed picture of Wendy and a SPEED t-shirt. Thanks for playing along!

Remember to submit your guesses in the comment section. Leaving contact information. Can be email address or twitter. You must enter by midnight on Thursday night. Their will be a series of posts on this mystery woman beginning on Friday morning. The winner will be posted and announced at that time.

The prize will be an personally autographed photo of her and your choice of a SPEED hat or shirt.

Good Luck and hope you enjoy the 3 part interview. Thanks for reading.

Check back Friday night and see if your right!
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