5 Questions After ... Kobalt Tools 500

It’s not every race we have such a heated debate going, and now that NASCAR has announced the Carl Edwards penalty we can move on to other things right? Oh no! The discussion is just beginning! However, we had other things to talk about after the Kobalt Tools 500, and that’s what I’m here for!

By the way, my apologies for the lack of a “5 Questions Before…” last week. Life got in the way! You know how that is, right? Anyways, don’t expect it to happen again! I’m sure you missed me!

What was Carl Edwards thinking? … Seriously, did he really expect that to go well? Oh sure, he didn’t plan on Brad Keselowski wrecking in a similar fashion to Edwards’s crash at Talladega. But did he really expect things to be all roses and daisies if he wrecked Keselowski? I’ve never actually driven a racecar so I don’t know if those thoughts actually run through a driver’s head. However, you’d think a professional would have some level of restraint. Then again, we’ve seem drivers with multiple championships show this kind of aggression. It’s not right, mind you. But it sure is fun to watch!

How is that new green-white-checkered rule working out for you? … The Kobalt Tools 500 went on an extra 12 laps after multiple attempts at what NASCAR on FOX likes to call “Overdrive.” (Surprisingly enough, the name never caught on with other networks. Go figure.) Thankfully, fuel mileage wasn’t an issue or we would have had a totally different race on our hands. You know, though, that the day is going to come when several drivers are running low on gas and we have 2 or 3 attempts at a green flag finish. The drivers, crew chiefs, and fans of the drivers affected will all hate it. Everyone else will love it. So far, it’s put on a good show and we’ve gotten a green flag finish in every race this season. What more could you ask for?

What was up with those tires? … It was said that Goodyear had a good tire compound, but they weren’t very durable. I’m no expert, but hasn’t Goodyear been doing this long enough to bring a tire that can hold together? Then again, if the drivers insist on abusing the tires there’s not a whole lot Goodyear can do. We had at least 12 different incidents involving tires, though a few of them were due to debris on the track. Atlanta definitely puts on a good show, good or bad tires. Hopefully they’ll have this worked out by the time we come back in the fall.

Could anyone else see a little smirk on Steve Addington’s face after he won the race? … Addington readily admitted after the race that if he said he wasn’t feeling a bit of vindication he’d be lying. After all, he was kicked off of the No. 18 pit box after winning 12 races in two years with Kyle Busch. Busch was seemingly a part of the decision, so it must have hurt to have had that much success and be placed on the sidelines. Though Joe Gibbs Racing offered him a position in the Nationwide Series, Addington said he had some “unfinished business” in the Cup Series and moved over to the No. 2 team. Ironically, the driver would be Kyle’s brother, Kurt. Addington is either a glutton for punishment, wants to win races, or a mixture of the two. Kurt Busch’s scanner chatter was replayed several times throughout the season, and very rarely was it positive. The same can be said for Kyle Busch. Which one is worse? Flip a coin. Or you can just ask Steve Addington.

Who exactly are the contenders at this point? … Unlike last season, it seems we really don’t have one team with a clear advantage. Ok, yes, Hendrick Motorsports has proven to be the team to beat. But many other teams have also stepped up and shown signs of strength. I’m not saying they’re championship contenders, but just look at the top 15 from last week’s race. Paul Menard, A.J. Allmendinger, Scott Speed, Marcos Ambrose, Regan Smith? Where did they all come from? Meanwhile, drivers like Kyle Busch, Mark Martin, and Daytona 500 champion Jamie McMurray failed to finish inside the top 20. Yes, it is early. But still, it doesn’t hurt to get an early jump on the season. That’s exactly what these guys are doing. Bonus question: Which one will we see in victory lane first?

Bonus Questions: Was Denny Hamlin a little bit jealous that Carl Edwards beat him to the punch? … Was Kyle Busch a little bit jealous that Steve Addington won that quickly with his brother of all people? … Was Juan Pablo Montoya a little bit jealous that Kurt Busch won the race even though he most likely would have been the winner had the race gone green to the end?
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