Another Opinion on the Harvick-Edwards Feud

It started with one comment and it snowballed from there. When NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick originally used the word, “fake” in talking to reporters about fellow driver Carl Edwards, the odds are good that he didn’t know what would come later. Now both fans and commentators are divided on the issue, some even calling him the new Tony Stewart.

Fans of Harvick recall the old days when Harvick ran his mouth off the track, but backed it up on the track. Remember the infamous fight between Harvick and Biffle in 2002 in Bristol? Or what about the incident with Ricky Rudd in 2003 at Richmond? Then there was the minor fight with Montoya in 2007 and of course more recently, his skirmish with Joey Logano. To us, this is one more example of “Happy” Harvick, the guy who was all smiles, but didn’t shy away from telling you exactly how he felt.

To others though, it’s a reason to hate him. Carl Edwards has more wins in the Cup Series (though he still needs to catch up in wins and championships in the Nationwide Series) and some might argue that he also has more fans. It definitely seems that way judging by the reactions and reports found in blogs.

The one thing people don’t realize is that Harvick and Edwards are very much alike. They both race hard on the track and aren’t afraid to push people out of the way; they just don’t agree on what comes later. Harvick isn’t above admitting that he did something intentionally and remember that he’s the only driver suspended for a Cup race based on something he did in another series. Edwards kind of takes the blame, sometimes, but then says he didn’t mean to do it.

For those on the Edwards side of the feud, remember that he didn’t have so many nice words himself. He did say (about Harvick), “I don’t like him” that his actions on the track were, “devious and underhanded and cowardly”. The next time Edwards smiles sweetly at the camera and plays the, “aw shucks” card, just remember that every action has a reaction.

Image courtesy Geoff Burke/Getty Images for NASCAR
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