I Love My NASCAR Driver (Series)

So this is another rendition of the I Love My NASCAR Driver (series). This one is Whitney Richards who is a contributor here on Skirts and Scuffs. Be sure to check out her articles and read why exactly she is a Matt Kenseth and a David Ragan fan!

Whitney Richards:

"It's kind of an odd story as to how I became a fan of Matt Kenseth. I became a fan of his in June of 03. At that time I was into NASCAR, but didn't really have a favorite driver. I sort of chose Dale Jr simply because he was my step-papaw's fave driver and my step-papaw had gotten me into NASCAR.

For my thirteenth birthday (which was in June of 03) I got the NASCAR Thunder 2003 game for my Playstation. So naturally I played as Jr all the time. Well, I never could win in that game. Then the weekend after my birthday I was watching the Cup race and they kept talking about Matt. And being the kid I was I thought to myself "this Kenseth guy sounds pretty good. Maybe if I play as him on my game I might win." Well, I played as Matt on the game after the race that day and lo and behold I started winning in the game.

I immediately began paying more attention to Matt throughout that season. I noticed just how good Matt really was. So, I started cheering for him during races. When he won the Championship that year I knew right then I had found my favorite driver and nothing would change my mind.

Since then, I've seen just what a great driver and person Matt really is. I must say I am truly proud to be a Matt Kenseth fan.

While Kenseth is my #1, David Ragan is as close as close can get to bumping Kenseth from my top spot. I don't remember why I started pulling for him. Even now, after being a fan of his since 2007, I still can't tell you what led me to become his fan. I don't think I'll ever know what it is about David that capitvates me. I think the big factor there is probably because he's such an underdog.

As far as dedication to my drivers go, I celebrate right along with them when they win. I get upset when they have terrible finishes. I will get into arguments with fans who stay stuff about them, but I tend to get defend David more fiercely than Matt. I have no idea why. It's been that way since 2007. Matt is my #1, and for people who don't know me, they think David has replaced Matt as my favorite, which will never happen because Matt is the reason my passion for NASCAR began."

What a fantastic story on the dedication from a fan and I want to thank Whitney for contributing!

*Pictures are from Whitneys personal collections. Here is her description of them*
"The first picture is of me (on the left) and my best friend Hope at Bristol last August. It was Hope's first ever Nationwide race. The second picture is of the pylon once the race was over. That picture is special to me because of who's atop that pylon....David Ragan got his second career Nationwide win at the Food City 250 that night and I was in the stands that night to see it happen. He actually made the pass and took the lead from Carl Edwards right in front of where I was sitting. I think half the people around me thought I had lost my mind when the checkered flag came out. I was jumping up and down cheering like mad. David winning that race meant alot to me because so many people talk down about him and that night it was like he proved he's as good as I know he is. I was almost in tears that night I was so happy. I wish I had gotten a picture of him in Victory Lane, but I was sitting off turn 2, and VL is between turns 3 and 4, and my camera just wouldn't zoom that far"

If you readers are interested in telling us why you love your NASCAR driver and want to be part of this series drop me an email at missmander88@hotmail.com. Hope to hear from many of you soon and stay tuned for more great dedicated fan stories!
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