I Love My NASCAR Driver(Series)

Here is another great story of a dedicated fan! This story is that of Kiara Boal and her love and passion for the driver of the No. 18 Kyle Busch. Here's her fantastic story!!


"NASCAR has always been apart of my life and when I was child I cheered on the sports favorites like Dale Earnhardt, Rusty Wallace, Dale Jarrett, and so on. (I really only cheered on Rusty cause he was my moms favorite until he retired and her 2nd favorite driver become her 1st favorite…Jimmie Johnson!) I was young and wanted to search for my own driver to cheer on. In 2003, an impressive rookie came onto the scene in the ARCA RE/MAX Series. His name was Kyle Thomas Busch and he is now my favorite driver to this day. That ARCA Race wasn’t his first time being in NASCAR because he had previously been in a ride at the age of 16 and was kicked out of the ride because of the sponsor of that race. I watched him flourish into this unstoppable, talented NASCAR driver that I had grown to love.

As many think that most Kyle Busch fans only like Kyle cause he can put his car into Victory Lane many times during the NASCAR seasons, its not true…at all. I like Kyle cause of his personality and his driving skill. The way he can put his car where no other driver, most likely, dares to go is just phenomenal. He isn’t afraid to go for that win and his determination each week is something many take for granted. Kyle may get really mad after a race if things don’t go his way but I for one love that about him. I love his passion for NASCAR and racing. He would rather finish 1st every week than 2nd. I love the fact that my driver isn’t happy with an average finish…cause I just wouldn’t be happy if my driver was “happy” or “content” about a 30th place finish each week. I also love Kyle’s smart-aleck type of personality that he has with some reporters.

On July 22, 2009, I met Kyle Busch for the first time at the Warsaw Toyota Dealership. That day I was totally in heaven because I was finally going to meet my hero and the guy that I cheered on each week. I had butterflies all day even though it was just so nasty outside. It was raining off and on and it was humid, my hair did not look great either. Ha. No matter what, that rain and humidity wouldn’t damper my attitude. I waited about 3 hours in line just to meet Kyle and when he finally showed up, my heart just skipped a few beats. We followed the line to his Rowdy Trailer and waited until it was my turn to meet him. I had my camera ready for my friend to take a picture of us together and when I got the chance to meet him, I could barely talk. He asked me how I was doing and I was shaking but I managed to get the words “Can I take a picture with you” out and something happened to my camera. It didn’t take the picture. I walked away feeling so angry about my camera not taking the picture. I told my mom when we found her and then she told us to get back in line because she knew that I would never get over the fact that I couldn’t get my picture taken with Kyle…so we cut back in line! Once again I was headed towards another meeting with Kyle in the same day.

When I got up there, Kyle said “Back again?” And my heart just melted because he remembered me. I said “Haha yep. I wanted to say that I thought it was awesome when you smashed that guitar.” Kyle smiled and said “Well thank you, some liked it and some didn’t.” And then finally, we got our picture together. I walked away feeling like I could just float away because I couldn’t believe that I had just met Kyle Busch…again. That day changed the way that I thought about Kyle and the way that I looked at Kyle too. He may be a cocky but confident driver on the track but away from the track, he is just so sweet and nice. My head going into our meeting was that he is gonna be rude or mean or something, but walked away thinking the complete opposite. That day made me become an even bigger fan of Kyle’s….if that was even possible.

I think Kyle and I are a lot alike. We both have that “Im gonna put you in your place” attitude about certain things or that funny but smart-aleck sort of way we talk. We don’t really care about what you think of us or if you don’t seem to like us. But I will never have that drive to race with all my heart like Kyle does….so I put my “drive” into something else..being one of his most passionate fans. I can say that when Kyle wins, I am overjoyed, smiling for hours, and just being so proud of what Kyle did that race or even that season like the 2009 NASCAR Nationwide Series Season. Now, that’s a season that I will never forget. There is no better feeling like watching your driver when his first NASCAR Championship. I even have a cat named “Rowdy” after Kyle! But there is also when Kyle has something go wrong, Im so mean and angry. You can ask any of my followers on Twitter. I take pride in my passion for being one of Kyle’s fans but there also comes a time when I do have to stand up for him when someone tries to tell me that my driver sucks, cause you know that the 2009 NASCAR Nationwide Series Champion sucks. I fight to the death with some of NASCAR’s nastiest and meanest fans out there. I have even had a few threats, but that doesn’t stop me from cheering him on.

Nothing will change the passion and dedication that I have for my driver, Kyle Thomas Busch."

Thats certainly passion when you call your driver there full name!!!!

The two pictures are Kiaras and here is her description.
"The first picture is of Kyle and I. To this day, I still cant believe that I actually met Kyle. My face looks so red cause I was shaking and my heart was beating so fast! The 2nd picture is of Kyle at Eldora Speedway for the Prelude to the Dream! We had a really great view of the boys while they drawled for their qualifying spots. His hauler was the last one the side we were on and I got to watch him and his crew through the whole Eldora race!! It was awesome!"

I want to thank Kiara for her story of passion and dedication, be sure to check her out on Skirts and Scuffs and stay tuned for another fantastic story from a fan!!

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