I Love My NASCAR Driver(Series)

For us NASCAR fans we have favorite drivers. That driver who makes our hearts race and who make our emotions swirl. No matter how or why we like them, each of us has a special story of how we became a fan.
The first story I got was from Gina whose favorite driver is Tony Stewart. Here's her story:

"Tony Stewart is my favorite driver. I started to like him as soon as I started watching NASCAR, about mid 2007. This may sound weird but the first race I watched was the Pepsi 400 in July 2007, and Tony wrecked out in the early laps. During his interview post-wreck, he just caught my eye. I still can't exactly say why but he did. Ever since, he has been my #1 driver and guy I root for the most every weekend. Obviously as I began watching more races, I saw his talent come out and thought he had tremendous car control and really knew how to drive a car. Besides that, I loved his attitude, especially his sarcasticness. I believe me and him are alike in many ways and that may be one of the reasons why I became a fan of his. He doesn't care what people have to say about him, he is going to be himself no matter what and I love that. I also love everything he does with animals; with helping them and also helping people. He has a big heart, although that may not show during his interviews or during his media obligations (LOL). I'd have to say that "dedicated" is an understatement when it comes to Tony with me. He could finish last every week and I wouldn't care. When he wins or has success, it's the greatest feeling in the world. Unfortunately, I have never Tony but I hope to one day soon." :)

It always helps when you and your favorite driver are alike as Tony Stewart and Gina are. She is also very supportive of Stewart and that is always helpful!

What a fantastic story and be sure to stay tuned for another rendition of, " I Love my NASCAR Driver".

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