Vickers has blood clots

Red Bull Racing announced on Thursday that Brian Vickers was in the hospital and would not race at Dover in the Autism Speaks 400 on Sunday. At the time, the team would not disclose the medical condition Vickers was suffering from. Red Bull Racing Vice President and General Manager Jay Frye announced on Friday morning that the medical condition is blood clots in the lungs and legs.

While preparing to meet Congressman Doc Hastings at Walter Reed Medical Center on Wednesday, Vickers experienced discomfort in his chest and went to a nearby D.C.-area emergency room to be checked out. A CT scan showed several blood clots in several of his blood veins. Vickers is now taking medication to dissolve the clots. Otherwise, he has been given a clean bill of health. Doctors are still unsure what caused the clots.

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Photo of Brian Vickers courtesy of NASCAR Media.
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