WIN Series Returns with…

The Women of ESPN


After a break, the Women in NASCAR Series will make its return with a triple header: Turning the Table on 3 of ESPN's top motorsports reporters. These women are making a once male-dominated environment a thing of the past, bringing with them a new level of excitement that crushes the old "Trophy Girl" image. They are extremely knowledgeable as well as passionate about the world of motorsports.

Over the next couple of weeks, you will get to know a little more about Jamie Little, Nicole Briscoe and Shannon Spake. We will dive into their lives, both on and off the track, the roads on which each of them have traveled to get where they are, and the goals they have for their futures.

I would like to personally thank the three of them as well as Andy Hall, manager - media relations, for taking the time to talk with me during a recent phone interview via Skype. It was a pleasure speaking to each of them and I am honored that they have opened their lives to me as well as the readers and followers of Skirts and Scuffs.

So, look for the announcements from Skirts and Scuffs on the first installment of a special three-part series on the above-named women. They'll be sharing their opinions on such topics as NASCAR’s controversial "Boys, Have At It" policy as well as their thoughts on what teams they see as top contenders for The Chase.

Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy this series!
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