Charlotte Bray

me in clt for pit crew challenge Position: Contributing Photographer

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Snapping photos of everything and everyone she came in contact with, Charlotte Bray knew from a young age that photography was her passion. Growing her knowledge over the years through classes at a local community college, Charlotte found that her love of photography intensified with each new thing she learned.

A long-time employee of Home Depot, Charlotte first got into NASCAR in 1999 when the home improvement chain became the primary sponsor for Tony Stewart. The following year Charlotte attended her first race and has never looked back. Since then she’s attended up to six races each season.

Charlotte joins the Skirts and Scuffs team as a contributing photographer, allowing her the opportunity to marry her two passions saying, “I desire to get that picture that as a fan I wanted to see –the pit crews, the fans, and breathtaking shots of drivers.”

Charlotte currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.
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