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Column: Hendrick Garage

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Lacy Keyser grew up in a NASCAR household having a grandpa who used to race as well. The 1998 Daytona 500 was the very first race she ever watched. Even at the age of five, that race would win her heart and eyes and from then on she loved NASCAR. She always said Dale Earnhardt was her first hero and the first driver she ever liked.

After Earnhardt Sr.'s death, Lacy quit NASCAR for a lot of years, but life is an ever-changing and her boycott of the sport didn't last forever. NASCAR was back full force for her and she’s been a loyal and true fan ever since. Sometimes her passion can be very overwhelming, but then again whose isn’t? Lacy loves to write for Skirts and Scuffs and enjoys writing her weekly column Hendrick Garage, which recaps the performance of the four Hendrick Motorsports drivers.

Besides writing, Lacy also is an actor, singer and dancer. She recently graduated high school and is looking forward to whatever her future holds.
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