It's Fan Club Season

With the economy on the downturn, the last thing you may want to do is shovel out even more money for a NASCAR fan club membership. For less than the cost of a ticket to the next race though, you can support your favorite driver and get something back at the same time.

Most NASCAR fan club memberships range in price from $10 to $50 and last for the current season. The fun items tucked inside are just for race fans. Kevin Harvick’s 2011 official fan club comes with an exclusive T-shirt, available only to fan club members, a “Flaming Smiley” decal for your car, an exclusive hero card that differs from the one available elsewhere, and a 10-percent discount on anything purchased from his online store. Don’t forget, that includes Kevin Harvick Inc. items as well! You even get access to exclusive fan club gatherings at the race track, featuring Kevin himself.

The Tony Stewart “Smoke” fan club is priced at just $35 and comes with an exclusive track pack. Inside you’ll find everything you need for a day at the track, including ear plugs, lip balm, sunscreen and a Sharpie, just in case you come across Smoke himself. Also included is a tee-shirt and exclusive fan club goodies.

Maybe you’re more a fan of Smoke’s replacement, Joey Logano. In that case, join his fan club for just $30. Members get a discount on merchandise purchased through his official site, as well as purchases made through the Joe Gibbs Racing website. You also get an autographed hero card, bumper sticker, exclusive tee-shirt, hat pin and even a free haircut. Sadly, Joey won’t be the one cutting your hair.

The Matt Kenseth fan club is priced at $25. Fans get an exclusive Matt Kenseth memo board, decal, puzzle magnet, and coaster set. You also save 10-percent when you shop at the Matt Kenseth fan club headquarters in Cambridge. For that price, why not treat your spouse too?

Kurt Busch’s fan club
is a little steeper, at $50, but includes much more. In addition to a T-shirt and hat, you get a baseball, stadium cups, notepads, a baseball and even a promo item autographed by Kurt himself. Even better, you save 10-percent when you buy online, or through his souvenir hauler trackside. If you’re a big Kurt fan, you may even save money with that discount!

Don’t forget little brother Kyle. The Kyle Busch fan club costs $35 and includes a shopping bag, can coozie, sticker, and lanyard, all with the Kyle Busch Motorsports logo on the front. Also included is an autographed hero card and a letter from Kyle. Plus you get access to a fan gathering and shopping discounts.

If you plan on hitting the track and supporting your favorite driver this year, then invest in a fan club membership. Do your driver proud, by wearing a fan club shirt and letting others know where you allegiance lies.
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