Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Total Drama: NASCAR

Credit: Debbie Ross
We've been following the Jennifer Jo Cobb / 2nd Chance Motorsports saga since it began Saturday afternoon in Bristol, Tennessee and the drama continues to unfold on the televisions and computer screens across the country.

After refusing to start and park Saturday Cobb, who is running for Rookie of the Year in the Nationwide Series, said that she owed it to her fans and sponsors not to be a start and park driver. Monday on NASCAR Race Hub Cobb pointed out that she had no problem with start and park teams, because she understands why they do it. In Cobb’s opinion being known as a start and park driver might allow to get more seat time, but might also hurt her career. That’s a risk she says she’s not willing to take.

Tuesday afternoon a report from ESPN’s Dave Newton added to the continuing drama,

Rick Russell alleged that Cobb and crew chief Steve Kuykendall stole $16,000 worth of race car parts from his Mooresville, N.C. facility. Russell said police found about half of the missing parts on Sunday in a storage bin used by Cobb not far from the shop.
Cobb, who denies the accusations refers to what happened like a divorce where one party accidentally leaves the house with an item both parties use. According to Newton’s post no arrest warrants have been issued and Cobb believes she and her crew chief will not be charged because the accusations are unfounded.

Skirts and Scuffs columnist Lindi Bess, who interviewed Jennifer Jo in October 2010 was able to make contact with her Tuesday evening via Twitter. Cobb responded in a direct message by saying,
@JenJoCobb Sad... but true... such injustice :( He has no basis for the charges though. I hadn't even been to NC since Feb til Sat night!
This isn’t the end of the story, but for now Jennifer Jo Cobb is focusing on her career and looking forward to piloting a Nationwide Series car for Rick Ware Racing.


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