Kasey Kahne Has Second Surgery On Knee

After having surgery for his plica syndrome (a condition that can cause pain within the knee joint) on both knees in November, Kasey Kahne was back in the hospital Monday for surgery on his re-torn meniscus. It is unknown how or when it was torn.

Kahne tweeted on Friday: “I’m just taking it easy this weekend. I had knee surgery again Monday. Re tore my meniscus. Wish I was racing sprint cars this weekend. It actually just about feels better now then it has the last month so yeah I will def be driving Richmond.”

Jokingly, he also said, “Hey @KyleBusch why don’t you be a nice husband and take @Samantha_Busch to dinner in Nashville tonight? I will come drive your truck!”

Looks like Kahne will be just fine! We all look forward to seeing him back in the Red Bull No. 4 car next weekend at Richmond.
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