WIN Series Special - Wendy Venturini celebrates her first Mother's Day


A glimpse into Wendy’s 1st Mother’s Day
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Welcome Caleb James Egert, first-born child to Wendy and Jarrad.
Born December 22, 2010 at 10:58 p.m.
Weight: 8 lbs 8 ozs Length: 22 inches
Wendy works preggo
Wendy worked the entire 2010 season.
LB (Lindi Bess) - Was it difficult during the final months of the pregnancy, while working?
WV (Wendy Venturini) -“Believe me, working in Homestead last year, our season finale, was tough! I had written notes from the doctor to fly past the recommended time. My husband and I had to have hospitals in the final cities picked out, in case I went into labor early. I was having contractions while I was on TV in Homestead because I had been on my feet in the heat too much that weekend. I never told my bosses at Speed because I didn’t want to be sent home! Nobody wanted the off-season to come more than me! Then once the season ended, I slowed down and Caleb settled down and got cozy for another three weeks before being born in December.”

LB- How is Caleb adjusting to his racing schedule?
WV- “He travels full-time on the road with us since Jarrad and I both work the full Cup schedule. It was really important to me not to miss a NASCAR Raceday. I started back at work with Daytona Speedweeks when he was 5 weeks old. We are really blessed! He’s a happy baby, and does really well with all the noise at the track. After all, he hung out with me in the garage area while I was pregnant! Doctors said it was insulated enough not to harm his hearing, which was always my concern.
"And now he proves to sleep/nap better when cars are on the track, the lull makes him sleepy! And he is great on airplanes because he can’t walk yet. He’s been to every race so far including taking those three West Coast flights (Phoenix, Vegas, California). He has yet to have a meltdown on a plane, but I’m sure my day will come!"

4 months car walker
Caleb in his car walker
LB- Caleb is 4-1/2 months old, who does he resemble?
WV- “He looks just like his daddy, Jarrad Egert. (Jarrad is the director of engine trackside services at Joe Gibbs Racing). I’m not sure what I contributed, other than carrying him for 10 months! Haha. He has his daddy’s skin, light hair and bright blue eyes (Jarrad has hazel eyes). But he smiles ALL the time and laughs hysterically, so I like to say he has a bit of mommy’s personality!"

LB- How is Caleb James doing and what stage are you in?
WV- “He started sleeping through the night at 5 weeks old. I love being a mom. And every mom knows some days can be challenging, but the love for your child overshadows those frustrations. He’s sitting up already and started organic rice cereal last week. We started teething this week, so it’s been one of those challenges."

LB- How is Caleb doing? Is he a picky eater?
WV- “Everybody warned us babies usually spit out their first bites because of their reflex with their tongue and learning how to swallow. Not our son! He ate it up and left nothing to spare. He acts like he’s been eating off a spoon his whole life. He loves food, go figure!
4 months rice cereal
Caleb (4 months) loves his cereal.
"He is a healthy boy, he’s been in the 97th percentile for height and weight at every checkup so far. He’ll stand up for long amounts of time when I hold his hands and he’s taller than all of his playmates that are as old as 10 months old!"

LB-Do you have any advice for new moms?
WV- “I try to use all homeopathic measures with my son. I highly recommend organic gripe water for new moms! It helps with hiccups, gas, fussiness and even teething. But for teething, I’ve been using Hyland’s teething gel. Sidenote: The Hyland’s teething tablets all moms raved about to me were taken off the market in October 2010 for a connection with hallucinations in children (yikes!)."

LB- How do you handle the raceday schedule? Who watches Caleb for you?
WV- “We have sitters inside the race track for Caleb that are already there for the weekend. One of our sitters is the coach driver for Joe Gibbs, she’s really experienced and great with newborns. And our raceday sitter is Jami McDowell, Michael McDowell’s wife. They have a 2-year-old son, Trace, that helps his mommy watch over Caleb. They take Caleb to play at the MRO Community Center (Motor Racing Outreach). MRO has a donated exersaucer there he loves to play in just like at home! We are blessed to have the McDowells in our lives. They really are wonderful people!”

6 wks VMS w G&G
Caleb with grandparents Bill and Cathy Venturini

We at Skirts and Scuffs would like to wish both Wendy and her mother Cathy a very Happy Mother’s Day! I would like to thank Wendy for sharing with me so that I can bring it to you all!

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