'Sons of Anarchy' bad boy Kim Coates takes in Infineon

Here at Infineon Raceway, the morning started off right with an appearance from bad boy Kim Coates from the TV series "Sons of Anarchy." He was here representing Toyota and enjoying his first visit to Infineon Raceway.

For those of you who don’t know Kim, he plays Alex "Tig" Trager on FX's hit show. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Diana, and two children: Kyla and Brenna. Coates flew in for dinner with the Toyota representatives and I found him in Victory Lane with none other than Joey Logano. Both were signing autographs for the fans and doing interviews as well.
I asked Kim for a few minutes of his time and he graciously agreed.

Hi Mr. Coates, I’m Lindi Bess with Skirts and Scuffs. Could I take a few minutes of your time. 
Who are you here rooting for today?
 I’m out here with Toyota and Joey Logano. I love everybody though. I’ve never been to Sonoma before let alone Infineon. It's absolutely beautiful.

Doing anything else in the valley while you're here?
No, I’m filming "Sons of Anarchy" full-time so I was filming here yesterday and had dinner with the Toyota folks last night. Here this morning and to watch some of the race and then I go back tonight.

Thanks for taking the time and I hope you enjoy your day here in Sonoma!
'Sons of Anarchy' bad boy Kim Coates takes in Infineon 'Sons of Anarchy' bad boy Kim Coates takes in Infineon Reviewed by Lindi Bess on Sunday, June 26, 2011 Rating: 5