Speak Your Mind: Does a road course belong in the Chase?

Left and right turns in addition to elevation changes add to the mystique of road racing.
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The writers at Skirts and Scuffs love to debate this hot topics of NASCAR – this weekend we tackle the age-old question:

Does a road course belong in the chase? Are you a fan of road races?

Before we share our views, some of the drivers were asked the same question in their media sessions. Their answers were consistently pro road races. 

Kevin Harvick: “I still am a firm believer that if you’re going to be the champion, there should be a road course in the championship Chase. If you’re going to be the best on that particular year, you need to be the best at all the different styles of race tracks.”

Jimmie Johnson: “I think it would be a great idea and I think Montreal would be a great fit for our series. We have a huge fan base in Canada and I think it would be an awesome, awesome place to go. I’m not sure what the chances are, but I would certainly lobby for it.”

Jeff Gordon: “Sure, that would be great. I love the road courses. I love the two that we have and I guess if you want to look at a complete championship – we have short track, superspeedway, intermediates and why not have a road course in there.I’ve always dreamed about racing at Laguna Seca and that’s one of the premiere road courses in the country, but I don’t see that happening. That’s more of a dream.”

As you see, three of the top drivers in NASCAR like this idea. Now let’s hear the ladies of Skirts and Scuffs speak their mind on this ever present topic.

Janine Cloud: I'm a big fan of road racing. Absolutely one should be part of the Chase. Truly good drivers can handle it, and it's a welcome change from some of the less-challenging ovals. I even think they should add another road course to the schedule. I also like the Laguna Seca course. (not part of NASCAR)

And, in case y'all didn't see the tweets (on the social networking site Twitter), after the seat swap with Lewis Hamilton, Tony Stewart expressed his desire to race the "Boot" section of Watkins Glen. I RT'd that info (to NASCAR Senior Vice President) Steve O'Donnell (@odsteve). He replied that it was interesting. Today he replied to Becca and me that while it's too late to do anything this season, they are seriously considering it for 2012.

Lacy Keyser: Yes and yes. We need road courses in the Chase. It could shake so many things up and it would be great to see how it could impact the Chase, what outcome it would have on the points.

Chief 187: I love road racing! I think it shows the drivers' skills to turn both left and right and to tackle what can be infuriatingly difficult tracks. Both my father and my husband race road courses in their vintage club VSCCA (Vintage Sports Car Club of America) - amateur. We've been to Watkins Glen, VIR (Viriginia International Raceway), the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix (PVGP), and Lime Rock Park with our group and the racing there is tremendous. I definitely think adding a road course to the Chase would increase competition and make the Chase more challenging. I say "yay" to road courses in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase and love watching the in-car and bird's eye action when the teams are there (Infineon, Watkins Glen).

Debbie Ross: Does anyone think it would be unfair to have a road race in the Chase for those drivers who are in the Chase, but not so great on these courses? I do agree it would shake things up and be fun for the fans, but maybe not for some of the Cup contenders.

Rebecca Kivak: I like the idea of a road course race in the Chase. Even though the vast majority of NASCAR races are set on ovals, I think the eventual champion should be able to demonstrate his skills at a variety of tracks, and that the Chase should be representative of that variety, which includes road courses. The Chase already includes short tracks, a restrictor plate track and quite a few intermediates, so a road course would add to the mix.

I didn't like the road courses when I first got into the sport, but I've grown to like them because of the exciting racing they produce. Like Janine mentioned, I was excited to see that NASCAR's Senior Vice President Steve O'Donnell told us via Twitter they are considering Tony Stewart's suggestion to race the boot at Watkins Glen. I also thought it was great to see Johnson, the five-time champion, endorse Montreal as a potential Chase race.

Amanda Ebersole: I think that for the Chase to be a well-rounded representation of NASCAR and to showcase the best for our champion, yes, we should have a road course in the Chase.

Although I was not a road racing fan when I immersed into the sport, it’s something that you learn to respect as the roots of NASCAR. Add in the great camera work you see on the in-car shots of the foot work that is required (Boris Said is a great one to watch) and I am hooked.

As you see opinions vary on the outcome of this, but most conclude that it would be a nice mix to the standard ovals in the Chase. Why does NASCAR not see the opportunity, you guess is as good as ours.
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