Kyle Busch collides with the wall

Credit: Geoff Burke/Getty Images for NASCAR

Kyle Busch made contact with the wall, causing the second caution of the race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and had to pull out of the race immediately to repair damage sustained to the No. 18 Toyota.

It was immediately assumed that he hit the wall because he had made contact with Dale Earnhardt Jr., which Busch corrected immediately. When questioned on what happened Busch said:

"Blew a head," he said, "Fastest car here - getting through the field pretty good and kind of the only passing guys I guess there. We made some big changes there on that pit stop. We came back and got four tires and just make that we got all the changes we wanted to."

He believed that the tire blew a head, "Transferring too much brake heat through the wheel. Couldn't tell you anything else besides that."

Busch admitted that he's been having a bad day since he woke up this morning, "Everything went wrong that could go wrong. Pretty much seemed right."

When asked if  the contact with Earnhardt Jr. is what caused the tire to blow, Busch said "There is contact with everybody out there. It had nothing to do with anybody else. Just blew a head. Too much brake heat transferring through the wheel and blew a tire. Nothing else besides that."

During a televised interview, Busch was upset when asked about contact with 88 and said, "There was contact with everybody out there. Good one trying to make that into a story," and walked away.

Busch went back on the track -76 laps behind to attempt to finish the race and gain points back.
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