Trouble for "Pastranathon"

Photo by Jason Smith/Getty Images for Michael Waltrip

It’s been dubbed ESPN’s biggest event of July. On Thursday night, it was gone in the blink of an eye. While attempting a back-to-back “TP roll” during the Moto X Best Trick in the X-Games 17, Travis Pastrana crashed hard.

TP was taken off the course on a stretcher and transported to the local hospital. X-rays were taken and medical officials have told ESPN that Pastrana has a broken right foot and ankle.

Going into X-Games 17, Pastrana was planning to compete in the Best Trick and Freestyle on Thursday and Friday, fly to Indianapolis to make his NASCAR Nationwide Series debut on Saturday, and then fly back to Los Angeles for the RallyCross on Sunday.

The crash took place while Pastrana was attempting a corked 720 that was to make him a gold medal favorite in the Best Trick category. X-Games rules usually give riders one shot in each round to throw tricks, but Pastrana tried the 720 twice. The second attempt is where he grabbed his lower leg upon hitting the ground.

Pastrana has been known to “strive on chaos”, but I don’t think this is what he was referencing. Plans for Pastrana to make his NASCAR Nationwide Series debut at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis have been postponed. Pastrana will also withdraw from the remainder of X-Games 17. Since Pastrana is unable to compete, Michael Waltrip will have to decide who will strap in and race the No.99 Boost Mobile Toyota. Many fans are saying Crafton since he is already there.

Let’s play NASCAR Nationwide Series owner for a second. If you were, Waltrip, who would you want behind the wheel?
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