Robby Gordon’s No. 7 not for sale

Gordon's No. 7 is not for sale.

As soon as the announcement came that Danica Patrick was moving to NASCAR full time, heads turned - will she try to buy the No. 7 from Robby Gordon? The bigger question is, would Gordon be willing to give up the number on which he has built his business?

If you ask Gordon, his answer is a firm “"C'mon! Why would I?''

During Patrick’s press announcement on Thursday, she stated that she would like to keep the No. 7 as she has had it throughout her motorsports career. But she also said, "I’m open to anything."

When asked if he would be offered a million dollars to give up his number, Gordon said, "A million dollars? You promise? And they'll put SPEED Energy on the side of the car? And Danica will wear a SPEED hat every week?'' Although a million dollar deal would be highly unlikely to happen, that could be a benefit to Gordon, whose team has been struggling for some time.

Gordon did make a suggestion: Patrick could double her number up, as done by Dale Earnhardt Jr. and run the No. 77 instead. The No. 77 has been free in the Sprint Cup Series since Sam Hornish Jr. lost his ride following the 2010 season.

Whatever number Patrick chooses, her fans will cherish it.
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