Black-flagged: Words we don't want to hear in 2012

The end of 2011 brings many things: New Year's resolutions being made - undoubtedly to be broken - and the thing I always chuckle at, the “banned” words for the coming year.

Lake Superior State University recently issued their list of words to banish for 2012, including man cave, occupy, ginormous and thank you in advance, which got me to thinking NASCAR has a few terms that need to go by the wayside in 2012.

We all overuse some words in our everyday life. I am guilty of it. But in NASCAR, they overuse many words. With the help of the Skirts and Scuffs team, I compiled my own list of words to banish in 2012.

The phrase that makes me cringe the most is catbird seat. The term flies way too often. Think about it for a minute … OK, does it make sense to you yet?

As they run is primarily used during the Chase when points matter most,  but it's used too much, The points as they run at Lap 10 do not matter - just let me know where they end up after the race. After all, that is what counts.

I know we cannot control Mother Nature, but rain delay is one of the words that makes any race fan cringe. Given the nickname the drought buster series, it is true, take NASCAR to the Sahara desert and we will get rain. Unlike other sports that play in the rain, it is unsafe for NASCAR to race under these conditions, so the mention of rain brings moans and groans from all involved in the sport.

Sorry to offend Junior Nation, but Junebug makes the list of my banned terms for 2012. According to reports, Dale Earnhardt Jr. himself does not like the term “Junebug,” so why is it so incessantly used?

On the same note, many names and nicknames are overly used by broadcasters. Pastranathon was the word of the summer as Travis Pastrana was set to dominate the Nationwide Series. That fell flat as, well frankly, Pastrana did when he fell and broke some bones. Pastranathon never lived to see the light of day. 

Danica, Danicamania and all words associated – let her drive and prove herself before you give her so much coverage. That being said, I do like the progress she has made and look forward to 2012, but not if the coverage shoves it down our throat every few laps.

The new restrictor-plate racing has been a headache to race fans in terms of “cutesy” terms used to describe the new drafting pairs. Lovebug, two-car tandem, dancing partners - the list is endless with terms that need to go out the window along with last year’s restrictor plates.

Kyle Petty is a gift to NASCAR and Trackside. His frank and honest ways are very refreshing but some (not me) hate the term BS Flag and ask for that to be black-flagged in 2012! Well I call the BS Flag on that!

If I could start a coin jar and make offenders deposit a dollar anytime one of these words or terms were used in 2012, I think I would be rich! Here’s hoping that Junebug’s in the catbird seat as they run with no rain delays while Danica chooses her dancing partner with Pastranthon … wait, I wave the BS flag on all this!

What word or phrase do you think needs to be banned and drives you batty each time you hear it?
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