Dover International Speedway announces seat-widening plan to begin in 2012

DOVER, Del. – In an ongoing effort to provide fans with the most exciting and enjoyable race experience in NASCAR, Dover International Speedway is pleased to announce a seat-widening plan for the track’s grandstands beginning in 2012.
The multi-year process, which will take place throughout the entire outdoor grandstands, will begin in all seating sections located in Turns 2 and 3. Additional widening of seats toward Turns 1 and 4 and the frontstretch will begin after the conclusion of the 2012 season. When the process is complete, all seats will have increased from 18” to 22” in size throughout the venue.
“Year to year, we’re always exploring ways to improve the experience for fans who attend our races at the Monster Mile,” said Denis McGlynn, president and CEO of Dover Motorsports, Inc. “Because many seats have already been renewed by our most loyal fans, we don’t want to displace them in an effort to make this change in one fell swoop. We’ll do our best to widen seats this year, and complete the process by 2014.
“By widening our seats we are responding to suggestions from our fans and allowing them to enjoy the race in a far more comfortable setting.”
When the process is complete by 2014, Dover’s new seating capacity will be 113,000.
Dover’s race weekends in 2012 are June 1-3, 2012 and Sept. 28-30, 2012. For more information or tickets, call 800-441-RACE or click here.
-Courtesy of Dover International Speedway Press Release
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