Carl Edwards co-hosts "Live with Kelly"

Live with Kelly tweeted this picture of, from left, Kelly Ripa, Kate Beckinsale
and Carl Edwards during today's taping. 
Carl Edwards is a public relations dream. With his charm, mega-watt smile and sponsor plugs at every left turn, there is no doubt why the producers of "Live with Kelly" chose Edwards to co-host Tuesday during the talk show's sports-themed week.  

Edwards had one of the most unique entrances I have ever seen on a daytime TV show. As he walked out alongside host Kelly Ripa, Edwards was on his cellphone! At first I thought it was just a joke, but during the show's opening dialogue, Edwards revealed he was on the phone with his wife, Dr. Kate Edwards. This was all Ripa's suggestion: because Kate is a big fan of the show but couldn’t be there in person, at least she was part of the introduction. All three of them could walk out together, Ripa said.

Edwards was cool, calm and collected – in other words, his normal self as he occasionally slipped in some sponsor plugs for Aflac and his Turn 4XT cologne from Avon. Even the audience prize winner just happened to be an Edwards fan, sporting an Aflac shirt.

While most of the country was watching last night's BCS title game, Edwards admitted that instead he was watching "The Bachelor" so he and Ripa could talk about it on the show. Edwards and Ripa also acted out a regular segment on the show, "Bachelor Theater." Don't worry - after "The Bachelor" he tuned to the BCS game and his "man card" remains intact. 

Edwards really needs to work on getting Ripa and her family out to a NASCAR race. This was the prime platform and opportunity to ask her to be his guest on live TV. But I am hoping that behind the scenes he asked her and maybe this season, Ripa and her beautiful family will come and experience the NASCAR life.

During today’s show Edwards got to interview Kate Beckinsale, Laura Prepon and also talk about healthy lunch meal makeovers. Healthy eating is a passion of Edwards, but as the nutritionist explained the health trap of a tuna sandwich, he appeared shocked. Stick with the Subway subs, Carl!

Edwards’ appearance on "Live with Kelly" was just one of many TV spots today; he also appeared on Fox News and was set to appear on Fox Business News later this morning.
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