Why I Love NASCAR: Dover International Speedway by Chief 187™

The Kenseth family in victory lane last May at Dover.
Credit: Todd Warshaw/Getty Images for NASCAR
Dover International Speedway is a special stop on NASCAR’s circuit. Renowned as “The Monster Mile,” this exactly one mile concrete track is unique and, quite frankly, monstrous.

Opened in 1969, Dover used to be paved in asphalt but converted to a concrete racing surface in the mid-1990s. Bristol Motor Speedway and Nashville Superspeedway are the only other concrete tracks on NASCAR’s circuit.

The fact that Dover is one mile makes the place defy classification. It is neither a superspeedway nor a short track.

But y’all probably know all about that stuff.

As I’ve stated many times before I came back to NASCAR in 2007. At that time I was sucked in to the sport via the now defunct Rowdy.com.

In the early days of summer 2007 I posted a blog about NASCAR toys. I had two little boys in my house who loved playing with cars but we had no NASCAR toys in our collection.

I was also curious to know what other toys NASCAR licensed.

To my delight parents on the site quickly responded to my query with tons of information. I learned about the Matchbox-sized NASCAR collectible cars, Mega Bloks NASCAR building sets, and more.

But it was the gesture of a wonderful man that touched me greatly and made me fall in love with Dover.

One Rowdy member reached out to me and asked if he could send my boys a gift. I was surprised and pleased and gave him my address.

Within days a package arrived revealing a foot tall version of Miles the Monster, the iconic mascot of Dover International Speedway.

Made of plastic, detailed, and able to hold two of those aforementioned cars in his hands, Miles is one of the most fun toys my boys have ever owned.

For years Miles has stood over the destruction he creates on our living room floor. While my husband and I watch NASCAR races, our boys make scene after scene of racing fun and mayhem.

Beyond Miles the Monster and my personal accounts, Dover is a phenomenal place to see a NASCAR race.

This year, June 1-3, Dover is hosting all three of NASCAR’s top series. The Camping World Truck Series, Nationwide Series, and Sprint Cup Series at one venue in one weekend creates the ultimate in entertainment.

The concrete surface coupled with the extreme banking and the ever-popular Miles the Monster are among the reasons Dover is a must see track and yet more reasons why I love NASCAR.

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