NASCAR In Heels: Playing Dress Up - Ingrid Vandebosch

Credit: Ingrid Vandebosch/Facebook
Ingrid Vandebosch is by far one of the most, if not the most, stylish woman in the NASCAR garage. It doesn’t matter if she is on pit road in jeans, or on a red carpet in a gown, she is always looking amazing. This wonderful fashion sense is also being passed along to her daughter Ella, who will turn 5 years old tomorrow. Not to be left out, son Leo also shares his mother's great taste in fashion, and is one of the most stylish toddlers on pit road.

Ingrid’s red carpet fashion gallery is awe-inspiring for me, but this week I am going to remake a few of her outfits that we have seen her in throughout the 2012 race season. These are a few more casual outfits with pieces that could be a bit more versatile for your wardrobe.

First up is Ingrid’s outfit from Fontana. This outfit is a standout! Those yellow pants make a statement, there is no way that she went unnoticed that afternoon.

Credit: Ingrid Vandebosch/Facebook
The pants are the staple of the outfit, and I found a very similar pair from Forever 21. Again, Forever 21 is very budget-friendly, yet incredibly fashionable. I also found this simple black tank top, the bracelets, and the necklace from there. Each item is under $9. The black blazer is from H&M. This is another store with stylish pieces for very reasonable prices. Lastly I found a pair of black studded booties on Amazon. They are not visible in this picture, but these ones I have found are very close to Ingrid’s.

Total price for the entire outfit: $104
Credit: Debbie Ross/Skirts and Scuffs
Next is the outfit Ingrid wore in Texas. This is an outfit that is close to my heart; come on, look at those shoes! The ones Ingrid wore could very well be from ALDO, I found this pair that are very similar. However, I found another pair from Target for less than half the price. The pair from Target may not be as comfortable, but it’s your call as to which pair to go for. The tank top and blazer for this outfit are from Forever 21, and the jeans are from American Eagle. I thought I would have somewhat of a difficult time finding a necklace similar to Ingrid’s, but Forever 21 has, yet again, surprised me. This necklace was on the very first page, I didn’t even have to look. This is a very versatile outfit. It could be worn on a day of shopping, a date, or of course at a sporting event.

Total price for everything: $101

Credit: Ingrid Vandebosch/Facebook
Last up is Ingrid’s outfit from Darlington. This is a perfect outfit for a hot day at the racetrack. Dresses are my favorite article of clothing this season. They are comfy, cool, and make getting ready super easy. I can’t get enough dresses! I found this floral dress, similar to Ingrid’s, at American Eagle. Looking at the picture, Ingrid seems to be wearing a small pendant necklace, so I found this little one at Forever 21. I also found a watch at Forever 21. These shoes are amazing, so pretty and cute! I found a pair from Fergie’s line on Amazon. This style is all over the place, so there are lots to choose from.

Total price for all pieces: $102

I hope that this has helped you re-create these looks. I could honestly go on for days about Ingrid’s outfits and fashion over the years. Thus far she has done nothing but impress at the tracks, and I know she will not slow that down anytime soon. If you are looking for more tips on some affordable outfits check out my “Dress-up” articles on Samantha Busch and Chandra Johnson. Happy shopping everyone!
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