Allmendinger's "B" sample test scheduled, timeline released

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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (July 17, 2012) NASCAR has been informed by the NASCAR Substance Abuse Policy Program Administrator (Dr. David Black of Aegis Sciences Corporation) that the test of AJ Allmendinger’s "B" sample will take place on  Tuesday, July 24. The test will be conducted in Nashville, Tennessee at Aegis headquarters, per the NASCAR rule book.
Review of timeline:

·       On June 29, NASCAR member Allmendinger, driver of the #22 car in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, was randomly tested by Aegis at the NASCAR event in Kentucky, per Section 19-6C.

·       On July 4, the Program Administrator (PA) sent a positive "A" sample test result to the program’s Medical Review Officer (MRO) Dr. Douglas Aukerman, M.D., and on July 5, Aegis sent final paperwork to the MRO, per Section 19-11, which allows him to begin his review.

·       On July 6, the MRO and competitor exchanged phone messages.

·       On July 7, the MRO connected by phone with the NASCAR member and informed him of the positive "A" test. The MRO also informed him he could choose to have the "B" sample tested, per Section 19-11A, B.

·       Later that day, July 7, the MRO notified NASCAR of the positive "A" test, and NASCAR temporarily suspended the NASCAR member, as stated in Section 19-11B(6,7).

·       The NASCAR member officially notified the MRO on July 9 of his request to have his "B" sample tested, which was within the allotted 72-hour window from the time he was informed that his "A" sample was positive, per Section 19-11B.

·       Once a member requests to have the "B" sample tested, NASCAR’s substance abuse policy provides its members up to 30 business days to have the "B" sample test conducted and results finalized, per Sec. 19-11B(5). These 30 days are designed to provide the member with reasonable time to prepare to attend the "B" sample test or be represented by a qualified toxicologist, per Sec. 19-11B(2).

·       On July 17, the PA informed NASCAR that the NASCAR member made the decision to select Tuesday, July 24, for the "B" test and has designated an independent toxicologist to be present on his behalf.
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