Saturday Night Rumble Goes to Derek Bischak

Photo by Kevin Lillard
Derek Bischak leads Stewart in Sat. Rumble
Derek Bischak took advantage of Tony Stewart's misfortunate to win the 50-lap midget feature that capped the 15th Annual Fort Wayne Rumble at the Memorial Coliseum Expo Center.

The three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion and nine-time Rumble winner slipped inside Bischak in turns three and four to take the lead on Lap 22. Unfortunately, four laps later Stewart's brakes failed and he spun in turn two, returning the lead to Angola, Ind. native Bischak. Stewart's exit was met with boos by many and cheers by others. "Anyone who boos me can kiss my ass, brakes failed and not much we could do," said the outspoken Stewart.

The 24-year-old Bischak, who first raced at the Rumble in "1998 or 1999" as a quarter midget driver, remained in command the rest of the way holding off 2012 USAC Silver Crown champion Bobby East and 14-year-old Justin Peck, who was runner-up to Billy Wease on Friday night. Mike Fedorcak and Geoff Kaiser rounded out the top five.

Tim Neal led all the way and beat John Ivy in the winged outlaw modified midget feature.

It has been a really long time since Stewart went winless at the Rumble but this year's Rumble was different than the rest. With unrest and bickering over square tanks and plexi wings, the confusion seemed to carry over into everything. From a very slow, almost non-existent, information flow to those not in attendence to grumbling and discomfort for some in attendance. Comments from those in attendance ranged from complaints about the temperature to food and air quality. In fairness there has to be ventilation so it's going to be cold and I have yet to find concessions anywhere besides Eldora that were worth what you paid. Attending an indoor car race one shouldn't expect clear air.

The racing itself was good not great but worth the price of admission. The winners were gracious and the losers for the most part were as well. It was a much needed fix for a lot of people who scoured the web to find coverage and information. Sadly, there was very little to be had and even less that was accurate. With the racing withdrawal eased, it's on to the largest Midget race of the year - The Chili Bowl. We look forward to seeing you there.

MIDGETS (National/Focus/Kenyon Car)

Qualifications – 1. Mike Fedorcak, 97, Stewart, 8.160 seconds; 2. Tony Stewart, 2, Stewart, 8.289; 3. Brandon Knupp, 78k, Chambers, 8.316; 4. Justin Peck, 5x, Clay, 8.367; 5. Billy Wease, 99, Burrow, 8.390; 6. Derek Bischak, 31, Bischak, 8.394; 7. Geoff Kaiser, 10, Moore, 8.397; 8. David Gough, 6, Gough, 8.456; 9. Cory Setser, 24, Setser, 8.478; 10. Cooper Clouse, 14c, Clouse, 8.512; 11. Jimmy Anderson, 99g, Guess, 8.533; 12. Aaron Pierce, 26, Gaines, 8.585; 13. Bobby East, 61, Kenyon, 8.604; 14. Grant Galloway, 84, Galloway, 8.616; 15. Stratton Briggs, 2r, Briggs, 8.658; 16. Russ Gamester, 46, Gamester, 8.664; 17. Billy Hulbert, 88x, Hulbert, 8.678; 18. Rex Norris III, 63, Norris, 8.692; 19. Chris deRitis, 66, deRitis, 8.749; 20. Joe Swanson, 3, Barnett, 8.772; 21. Chris Jagger, 27, Jagger, 8.807; 22. Bryan Nuckles, 59, Nuckles, 8.825; 23. Rich Corson, 15, Corson, 8.835; 24. Mike Osite, 20, Fedorcak, 8.955; 25. Joey Burrow, 49, Burrow, 9.007; 26. Terry Ahern, 6t6, Ahern, 9.163; 27. Vince Kuelbs Jr., 10x, Kuelbs, 9.368; 28. Mike Wallace, 10w, Wallace, 9.578; 29. Basil Hicks, 88, Hicks, NT; 30. Nick Hamilton, 3h, Hamilton, NT; 31. Mike Ousley, 14, Ousley, NT; 32. Matt Westfall, 19, Ryder, NT.

First heat (10 laps) – East, Hulbert, Wease, Fedorcak, Jagger, Burrow, Hicks, Setser.
Second heat (10 laps) – Stewart, Bischak, Nuckles, Norris, Ahern, Galloway, Hamilton, Clouse.
Third heat (10 laps) – Knupp, deRitis, Anderson, Kaiser, Kuelbs, Briggs, Corson.
Fourth heat (10 laps) – Gamester, Peck, Pierce, Wallace, Swanson, Osite, Gough.

First semi-feature (12 laps) – Fedorcak, Pierce, Norris, Burrow, Nuckles, Wallace.
Second semi-feature (12 laps) – Wease, Galloway, Anderson, Swanson, Corson, Ahern, Hicks.
Third semi-feature (12 laps) – Kaiser, Clouse, Briggs, Osite, Hamilton, Jagger, Kuelbs.

Feature (50 laps) – Derek Bischak, Bobby East, Justin Peck, Mike Fedorcak, Geoff Kaiser, Rex Norris III, Billy Hulbert, Grant Galloway, Aaron Pierce, Tony Stewart, Brandon Knupp, Chris deRitis, Cooper Clouse, Billy Wease (Russ Gamester qualified for feature but was unable to start). Lap leaders: Bischak 1-21, Stewart 22-25, Bischak 26-50.
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