Thursday, March 28, 2013

Eastern Ignites Debut at Ace Speedway this Weekend.

The 2013 USAC Eastern Ignite Midget campaign kicks off its 19-race calendar this weekend with back-to-back races Friday and Saturday at Ace Speedway in Altamahaw, N.C.

The series travels to 10 different venues in five states and concludes with an October race also offering Midwestern Ignite points, the fourth of those races offering both points.

Last year’s Eastern Ignite champion Jared Irvan scored five wins in the seven Ace events. Nic Davidson and Chris Lamb were the others.

2013 USAC Western Ignite Pavement Standings: 1-Bryant Dawson-74, 2-Michael Fanelli-69, 3-Shawn Buckley-61, 4-Jarid Blondel-60, 5-Christine Breckenridge-52, 6-George Blacker-50, 7-Marina Turner-47.


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