Western Midgets at Bakersfield Saturday

The USAC Western Midgets invade Bakersfield (Calif.) Speedway Saturday night and a new series point leader is nearly assured.

At present Bryan Clauson sits atop the standings, but Kody Swanson is just four points back and Rico Abreu is only 15 back entering the Bakersfield race.

Swanson, of Kingsburg, Calif., wheeled Bob Rosen’s Espresso Beast/Fontana to victory in Saturday night’s race at Madera (Calif.) Speedway. The race was co-sanctioned by BCRA. David Goodwill, who led the first seven laps before yielding to Swanson, finished second ahead of Darrin Snider, Frankie Guerrini and Kevin Morris.

Last year’s Bakersfield Midget races produced a couple of surprise winners, Troy Rutherford and female driver Michelle Decker!

2013 USAC WESTERN OVERALL MIDGET STANDINGS: 1-Bryan Clauson-143, 2-Kody Swanson-139, 3-Rico Abreu-128, 4-Christopher Bell-125, 5-Scott Pierovich-91, 6-Jake Swanson-86, 7-Ronnie Gardner-84, 8-Tanner Thorson-72, 9-Dillon Welch-71, 10-David Prickett-64.

2013 USAC WESTERN PAVEMENT MIDGET STANDINGS: 1-Kody Swanson-73, 2-Frankie Guerrini-59, 3-Dan Gundo-42, 4-J.R. Williams-36, 5-Chad Nichols-29, 6-Ken Nichols-27, 7-Nick Chivello-1.

2013 USAC WESTERN DIRT MIDGET STANDINGS: 1-Bryan Clauson-143, 2-Rico Abreu-128, 3-Christopher Bell-125, 4-Scott Pierovich-91, 5-Jake Swanson-86, 6-Ronnie Gardner-84, 7-Dillon Welch-71, 8-Kody Swanson-66, 9-David Prickett-64, 10-Riley Emmel-61.
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