A Celebration of NASCAR Dads

by Beth Reinke

Being a dad is a big job for any man. But throw in a crazy travel schedule — being away three or four nights a week, including weekends — and it becomes even harder. Such is the life of fathers on the racing circuit.

Nick Terry, a chaplain with Motor Racing Outreach, said guys in the garage often ask him, “How do I be a good dad when I’m gone all the time?” The answer is different for each dad and his kids, of course. But Terry, a father of three, recommends dads focus on making the time they have with their kids count.

Terry thinks the number one struggle for NASCAR dads is balancing family, faith and career.

“It’s tough to fit all three of those into one box that’s not that big, because it’s a sport that’s not a 9-to-5 job,” he said. “There’s a lot of good men out there (in the garage) — good dads, good husbands. It’s just a tough lifestyle to balance it all.”

The number of daddies in the Spring Cup garage keeps growing. Just this week, driver David Ragan and his wife, Jacquelyn, welcomed their first child, a baby girl. On Friday, rookie Kyle Larson announced he and his girlfriend, Katelyn Sweet, are expecting. 

This Father’s Day, we salute the hard-working, dedicated dads of the NASCAR community. Whether they wield a wrench, a microphone or a steering wheel on race day, their hearts belong to the special little folks who call them “Daddy.”

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