Giveaway - What is SpeedCrate?

Mindlessly scrolling through Facebook -- I do that a lot. It's a habit that most of us have. Don't want to do the dishes? Scroll. Don't want to cook dinner? Scroll. Bored on your lunch break? Scroll. Or if you're like me, you scroll to avoid writing that six-page paper on Business Ethics that's due at midnight. Hey, I work better under pressure, don't judge!

During one of my many scrolling sessions I happened upon an ad for a company called SpeedCrate.

What is SpeedCrate? You know those subscription boxes that are all the rage these days? The ones where you answer a few questions about yourself and magically (okay so you also have to give them your credit card info) a box of goodies shows up on your doorstep? You can get everything from makeup to clothes to razors to food delivered in these little packages. That's what SpeedCrate is. 

But the best part? SpeedCrate is designed for NASCAR fans! OK, I got your attention now. 

Each month you receive a box that's created with you, the fan, in mind. Don't want a box each month? You can change the frequency of your shipments to meet your needs, or you can even shop from their clearance listings if you don't want to commit to the full subscription service. 

According to SpeedCrate, each box includes more than $50 of driver-related NASCAR gear. Users can choose from several different drivers and all the items in the box feature that driver. Options include: Ryan Blaney, Chase Elliott, Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr., Kevin Harvick, Jimmie Johnson, Brad Keselowski, William Byron and several others. 

Each box costs $29.99 and includes 3-5 items. Possible items include t-shirts, lanyards, can koozies, flags, bumper stickers, and hats. 

I decided to give the service a try just to see what they had to offer NASCAR fans. At random I chose the Martin Truex Jr. box. I figured he's a pretty popular guy, and since he's got a new number there's probably not a lot of people out there sporting his new gear yet. Keep reading for how you can win the items in this box! 

It took about a week for the SpeedCrate to arrive on my doorstep. The box retails for $29.99 and with tax was just under $35. I was pretty curious to see what was hiding behind the glossy card included in the box. 

Sorry folks, no Golden Ticket for us. That would have been pretty exciting.

Item number one. A Joe Gibbs Racing/Martin Truex Jr. bumper sticker. The sticker features a side view of the No. 19 Camry. Pretty cool looking sticker.

Item number two: This is the front view of the black XL t-shirt (when you sign up you can choose your shirt size) featuring the vibrant orange associated with the Bass Pro Shops logo. 

I really like the design on the back of the t-shirt. If you wear this shirt there will be no guessing who you're cheering for!

Item number three - This is my favorite item in the SpeedCrate box. I've never been much for graphic t-shirts but I'd definitely fly this 28" x 40" flag in front of my house. Can you imagine it whipping in the wind? How cool would this be on your RV in the infield at the racetrack? 

And finally a checkered flag sticker. I asked my husband if I could put this above the door of my Ford Escape. He gave me "the look" so I guess that means no. 

I didn't have any real expectations on the SpeedCrate. I just thought it would be something cool to try and share with our readers. I have to say after receiving my first shipment I'm pleased with the items that were packed in the small box. I like that they don't just do t-shirts and hats, and I loved the inclusion of the checkered flag sticker. I don't buy a lot of race gear these days, but I feel like I got the value that was promised and that I didn't overpay for these great quality products. 

Would I order again? Absolutely -- and I intend to. I think next time I'll try another driver just to compare those offerings to what I received this time. Hmmm. Who should I go with?

Giveaway time!

Want to win the SpeedCrate featured in this post? It can be yours! That's right. Skirts and Scuffs is giving away this Martin Truex Jr. crate to one of our readers. So here's how to play.

SpeedCrate didn't ask me to write this post. And they aren't paying me to say good things about them. I purchased this crate for the purpose of writing an honest review for our readers. Oh, and the opinions expressed in this post are mine and may not reflect those of other S&S team members.


Katy Lindamood is the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Skirts and Scuffs. A fan of NASCAR for over 25 years, Katy works as a Department Manager for a major retailer and is currently pursing a Bachelors Degree in Business Management at Bellevue University. Katy resides in Ashland, KY, with her husband of 14 years and their dog.
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