Full Steam Ahead for Owens in 2012 – Baby on the Way in 2011

In the last couple of seasons we’ve seen an influx of births in the NASCAR garage. Some say there is something in the water while others note that many of the drivers are around the same age and they’ve decided it’s time to start a family. Regardless of which theory you subscribe to, the new NASCAR dads jump right back in the car after the births and continue to effectively do their jobs at 200 mph.

What if a female driver announced they were having a baby? Would that change their thoughts on racing for a living? Would they question the safety of the job each time they climbed behind the wheel? Up and coming NASCAR driver Alli Owens says becoming a mother won’t change her will to race.

The end of 2010 and the start of 2011 have been difficult for the Daytona Beach native, who has been racing since an early age. After funding for the Truck Series team fell through at the end of 2010, Owens started a grassroots campaign on Facebook to find enough funding to run in the first race of the season in Daytona.

Although she found funding for Daytona, she’s been unable to line up anything for the remainder of the season. The 22-year-old driver has decided to put her racing career on hold for the 2011 season while she and fiancé Paul focus on planning their upcoming wedding and starting a family.

On Thursday, April 14, Owens announced that she and Paul were expecting their first child later in the year. Owens updated her status saying:
I have personal BIG news to share with all of you and im debating on how to tell you all.. The reason I am working hard for 2012 instead of 2011 is because me fiance and I have decided to start a family due to lack of funded races this year. I'm going to be a MOMMY! i'm 12 weeks pregnant now! Full steam ahead for racing in 2012 dont worry! (via Facebook)
Owens later went on to say:
some people believe that me becoming a mother will damper my racing career. First of all I told all of you because it is a very special journey in my life. It wasn't just yesterday that i wanted to race it's been since i was 8 years old, i've made it though a lot and this is my choice to start a family. Like ive said 2012 is already in the works ITS NOT A PIPE DREAM OF GETTING BACK IN THE CAR. (via Facebook)
Congratulations Alli and Paul!

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