Women in Racing

If you are a frequent reader of Skirts and Scuffs you have probably seen our series of posts on Women in Racing/NASCAR. Regardless of whether they are seated behind the wheel, atop the pit box, or are standing in front of the camera, there are a lot of women out there involved in the sport we love so much.

It’s our intention to profile some of these women and show you how they got where they are today as well as where they hope the future will take them. We want to give you a glimpse into both the professional and personal lives of these ladies in the hopes they won’t be seen as just another pretty face in the crowd.

Skirts and Scuffs contributor Lindi Bess has put a lot of time and effort into crafting these interview posts and would love to work with any woman in the sport of racing who wants to share her story. You can contact Lindi via Twitter or through email to set up an interview or if you want to learn more about this series.

Past interviews conducted by Lindi include the following:

Drivers: The ladies behind the wheel
TV Personalities / Public Relations: The ladies in front of the camera
Racing Wives: The ladies on the pit box
Racing Moms: Ladies who give it all for their sons to reach their dreams

We would love to hear from you regarding who you would like to see us interview in upcoming columns. We have several more interviews in the works, but are always open to suggestions. We can be contacted through email or via our Twitter account.
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